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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our first Sport's Day in PNG

Sports day was Friday and Saturday May 24-25th. This is an annual event for the school and community.  Friday is a required school day for the students in junior high and high school.  They were required to participate in two track and field events.  Elijah did not seem too interested in this request and stated they could sign him up for whatever they wanted.  Needless to say he ended up running 3000 meters Friday morning and 1500 meters Saturday morning.  Some of the students who like track actually spent time practicing for these events.  They had relay races, sprints, long jump, discus, high jump, javelin throwing, triple jump and shot put along with team events.  

Elijah running
finish line
all done

When a student enters junior high they are assigned to alpha (red) or beta (blue) team.   This day it is totally about beating the other team through points.  So when each students performs they are awarded points for first, second, third and completing the event.   They also did team events that everyone participated in together.  The first one was an obstacle course cyclone and the second one was called chariot races in which three students carried one student on them as in a pyramid and the top student had a flag on his back. Each team tried to take as many of the other team’s flags as possible.
preparing to race

Elijah is at this end of the pole in the blue

Chariot Game

The last event was a huge tug of war.  They have a running record of which team wins each year.  This year Beta won, ending Alpha’s 3 year winning streak.  Students also compete against previous individual school records.
Tug a war

These two days many adults and children attend to cheer on the students or a particular team.  My friend who is returning as missionary herself wore all red because when she attended the school ten years prior she was an Alpha J However she did sit by me and cheer for Elijah who is a Beta.  Actually that was the only instructions Elijah gave me “Wear blue”.  It is very much a social gathering.   Many people bring lawn chairs and sit under umbrellas to protect from sun or rain.  I understand this year was much drier than some.  Oh, did I say a lot of the students compete bare footed.  People also come and sell homemade treats.  We had many choices including regular coffee, iced coffee, cinnamon rolls, donuts, ice pops, sorbet pops, taco muffins, sushi, homemade Gatorade, cookies, and chicken sandwiches.  Someone even had a cotton candy machine and was selling cotton candy.  We are always being surprised by something that shows up here unexpected.  It was a special occasion to be able to buy a treat made by someone else and it was a fun two days to sit in the sun, cheer the kids on and visit with friends.  I also did not hear of any injuries needing clinic attention so that is a praise report.

Don't you just love this boy