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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Weekend Trip

Last month we traveled with 2 other couples to a city on the coastWe left around  Friday 8am we a vehicle we rented a Toyota Land Cruiser from the auto shop on Center.  

Beautiful landscape along the way.

We drove through a mountain pass

It was a 3-4 hour drive. Only 2 turns and in some area we could drive a normal speed. Marcus did a great job driving around pot holes being aware of people and animals that could cross our paths.. 

We arrived in time to eat lunch at the Yatch Club. They allow non member to dine there at noon time. Jay ordered his favorite Hawaiian burger.  We assumed it was a hamburger with ham and pineapple.  However there was no hamburger.  Carol Jean had too big of hamburger and shared hers with Jay making his day.

Jay enjoyed observing the boats.

The room we stayed in.at the guest house.

Eljiah did not want to come with.  He stayed with a young couple on Center.

Many people go to the city to buy food because it is less money and more choices. So we did enjoy grocery shopping and just browsing around to see what was available. We were happy to find our favorite barbeque sauce and Jiff peanut butter.

The first night we ate at the International Hotel-a collared shirt were required with no hats We ordered a vegetable pizza-little cheese, no sauce and corn(?) Eating out was part of the fun.  The only chance we get to eat out on Center is "Hamburger Night" that the youth do as a fund raiser. The second night we ate at a Chinese Restaurant.

The guest house has a pool. It is usually very warm but it was not that weekend When we were not shopping we relaxed and read books.

We left Sunday around noon and were home by 4pm.

There are no stops along the way, no gas stations, rest rooms or restaurants..

We enjoyed the time off center and the time with friends.

We are grateful for safety as we have heard stories of robbers along the road or vehicle problems. They teach us that sometimes the robbers set up road blocks and ask for toll money. Thankfully we have not experienced that.

It is hard to get a picture that demonstrates the reality of the pot holes.  These come close. They were taken by a friend.

Thank you for being part of this adventure with us.