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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spring activities 2014

Since it has been a while since my last post I will not bore you with details but just show some pictures of what we have been participating in during Elijah's fourth term of his junior year of high school.

Softball for boys. Jay coached.  Elijah pitched and played third base.

Sport's Day Annual school event and community activity

Elijah ran in the 1500 meter

Group competition

Blue against the Red

Elijah second to last

Victory round Blue won

Elijah was cheering

Our visitors Judy and Michael

Spending Sort's day with us
One of our meals together

Banquet (Similar to prom) An evening for the junior and seniors to enjoy. We started with a bare meeting place/gymnasium. The parents of juniors and seniors worked to transform it into TREASURE ISLAND. People in the community also volunteered their time, supplies and skills.

I was on the committee to make invitations

What we started with

The parents presented a play honoring the seniors.  They practiced all week.

Jay's project was making a shipwreck frame. Others volunteered their painting skills
Friends helped

Upstairs had game and activity booths


Juice/Smoothie bar

Even the bathrooms were decorated
Outside entrance

I was on the foods committee

Caribbean salad with sweet orange vinaigrette, Jim's jerk chicken with coconut sauce, Ben Gunn's treasure of rice pearls, Smollet's garlic greens, Crisp sweet potatoes guineas,  Spanish coast lime cheesecake with strawberry glaze

One of the games was shooting balloons

Junior class

Boys in Elijah's class

The night after the parents presented the play for the community and we got to walk through and see the sights.