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Monday, August 11, 2014

Jay's Birthday 2014

Plans for celebrating Jay’s birthday began last January when our children asked what we wanted for our birthdays in August.  We received a package with birthday gifts the beginning of July.  One never knows how long a package takes to arrive. I am still waiting for one package that was mailed around the same time.  

A few months ago I found manicotti shells in our store.  I thought I should purchase them to have as that is one of Jay’s favorite meals. I have never seen them sold there before. I also made use of a medevac trip to Australia in July where I bought a couple gifts for Jay.

Saturday I walked to a friend’s house in order to find a container to hold the cake in. I made spaghetti sauce from scratch with tomatoes from market and some caned tomato paste. I boiled my manicotti noodles but they all fell apart in pieces.  So I searched the internet on how to make manicotti noodles.  I ended up using 2 store noodles and eight homemade ones.  I grated the last of my mozzarella cheese. (The store is out and I do not know when they will get more) I made powdered milk and then cottage cheese out of it. I cut up some vegetables I had bought at the market Friday morning and bleached.

The birthday package contained a Betty Crocker German chocolate cake mix. So I made it in 2 round cake pans.  I was able to find ingredients for coconut pecan frosting which I made and frosted the cake with.

So Sunday we came home from church and prepared for Jay’s birthday dinner.  We invited our friends to join us and she brought delicious rolls to add our meal.  So we enjoyed manicotti, meatballs, rolls, lettuce and raw vegetables.  The kids enjoyed my strawberry lemonade from fresh strawberries and lemons. After dinner Jaime and her daughter Morgan helped me with dishes. While the boys’ ground coffee beans to press coffee. Jason actually roasted the beans himself.

Jay opened his gifts with the help of the two girls.  However they were a little dismayed when he opened cards first and actually read them.  Thank you Mack’s for the card and Smith’s for the note.  After gifts we prepared the cake.  The package contained birthday napkins, plates and lots of candles.  So the girls helped me put 50 candles on the cake while the adults helped me light them.  We sang quickly and Jay managed to blow them all out.  So we enjoyed cake, coffee and ice cream. I had made the ice cream last week.  Thank you Kitchen’s for lending me the ice cream maker. So that concluded our birthday celebration for Jay's 50th birthday.

putting candles on the cake

Yes he blew them all out

removing the candles

Thank you for the gifts