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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Where I Work

Some of you are probably curious about where I am working presently.  So below are pictures from the clinic where work alongside others to give care to the community that I reside in.  These pictures show the part of the clinic dedicated to caring for the missionaries who live here and 
serve in this country

As a patient you would walk into this room and meet the receptionist behind  the glass window.

This is where the receptionist sits answering the phone and working on the computer.

This hallway holds the dental office at the end. The drug room is on the left. 
The administrative offices 
are on this hall too.

The different medications are in blue bins labeled and with bar codes. Some medication come in small numbers so we can sell as is. Others come in large amounts of 1000 tablets.  Those we count out, bag and label in smaller amounts.  They are labeled with the name of the drug, dosage and expiration date.

This is the counter we count the medications on using the green tray.  Medications are charged through this computer. Orders are taken through email from the community and questions about medications answered.

The back entrance opens to this hall. The X-ray machine is on the right.

We are blessed to have a digital machine.  It was purchased a few years ago with budgeted money.

We stand behind this wall which has lead in it to shoot the pictures.

The closets opposite the X-ray room contain a variety of splints, crutches and casting material for all different sizes.

The computer for reading the X-rays is in the next room down- the overnight room.

The overnight room holds an older hospital bed. There is a German IV pump. In the closet is a newer ultrasound donated to the clinic. The screen above the bed is used to show patients what is being observed on the ultrasound. Sometimes I have the privilege of being there for the 20 week prenatal ultrasounds. If a patient needs to be monitored overnight we do it in this room.

The next room is called the treatment room. This is the room where simple procedures are done such as skin biopsy, suturing and dressing changes.  There is a monitor on one shelf and a nebulizer machine on the other.

This is our crash cart with AED on it. Fortunately I have only had to use it during my PALS course.

We have an EKG machine.  The cabinet above it contains sutures and IV bags.

This counter holds many dressings and materials used.

Across from the treatment room is the Lab.  Blood is drawn and processed here.  Some things are observed under the microscope.

This hall takes us down by the nurse’s and doctor’s offices.

This is the nurse’s office where I check patients in sitting at the desk.

same nurse's office

exam table available

View from the Clinic