The Pettygrove family is lives in Papua New Guinea to serve those working in Bible translation
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

More Than Leaves Change

We completed our first term as missionaries living in another country half way around the world. We have returned to the States and have been here for five months. I love being here. I love my friends, my life that I had for almost 50 years.  I have worked in the same place for 25 years. We now have grandchildren to love. I love the Midwest and autumn time.

Yes we have always felt a draw to be missionaries. To “go”. I have no doubt God has positioned us where we are. I thought I counted the cost when we gave up everything 3 years ago.  What I did not count was that I would have to do it again. I did not count on all the change. My missionary friends change because they come and go as God calls them. My role changes in my job as workers come and go.  This all wreaks havoc on my emotions. I have never been one to like change.

At the beginning of the month I attended a missionary conference. God spoke to me directly as a speaker stated
I know I cannot do it on my own. Many days I would go to work praying I cannot do this Lord. It has to be You doing it. But this phrase echoes in my mind 
Jesus gave his life for me.
It is not my life. 
It was bought with a price

Thank you for any prayers as we set a date to return to our other home.