The Pettygrove family is lives in Papua New Guinea to serve those working in Bible translation
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Dwelling Place

We live in this half of the duplex. The solar heater on the roof heats our water.  So if it is cloudy one day our water is not hot the next morning.

View up the hill
Front door and living room area.  The couches are just not the same.
Other part of the living room area The doors go to bedrooms
View from living area to kitchen/dining area
Closer view of kitchen
Sink where we wash, rinse, bleach and air dry. The microwave was a gift and Jay made the wood shelf to put it on.

The stove is gas and I have an ignite button to hold down when turning the flame on.  I am thankful for a new stove.  I have a friend who has to light a match because the switch is broke. Ask Jay the matches are not the same here.  It takes several matches before one match actually lights.
Dining room table. Office for Elijah and I. Pictures from home.

I brought the quilt from home.  Jay made the shelve to put a desk light on. Someone leaving was selling the desk light. My night stand is a box with a towel over it.  In order to make the room dark enough we have a blanket over the curtains.
There was not enough room for the night stand and to open the closet door. So we decided to leave the door open and put up a curtain(sheet) to cover the clothes.
Elijah's room.  He wanted bunk beds. He sleeps on the top and sits on the bottom bunk .                         
View down the hallway to the "mud room" "laundry room" "office" Bathroom is the first door on the right.
Bathroom sink. I brought the towels from home.
Cabinets and sink to the right. Toilet and shower to the left
The toilet looks normal but does not smell or clean like the one back home.
There is an option for half flush or full flush.
Jay's desk. Map of Papua New Guinea. Drying rack. Mold is a problem so cleaning bags can be done routinely.

Daily filtering of water to drink.
Washer but no dryer. The bottle of ALL cost around $20. Jay was saving Pringle cans to use as bowling pins when children came over.
Window above Jay's desk.  All the windows are slatted.  The ones on ground level have wire guard over.them.  Our home does not have heat or insulation.
View out mud room door.  When I am not home to get the clothes out of the rain I hang them up here on the small deck.
View of the back of duplex. Water tank that collect rain water off of the roof. Outside Clothes stand to hang clothes on.
They just dug a new hole for us to put our compost in.  It is right under where the clothes hang.
The extra room is the "family room" where Elijah can play his PS2 that he brought with..Jay attempted to make the extra bed into a couch by building a back board. Needless to say, it still takes a lot of blankets and pillows to make it comfortable.
Something to make it "homey." Knick knacks and pictures that I brought with.
And more pictures.

View into the playground and other duplexes

So this is the place we are living in now.  We are renting this home of around 485 square feet and should be able to stay here until our furlough. We had the option of renting or buying a house.  The houses for rent would only be ours for as long as the owners were on furlough(6-12 months) We did not see any house we would like to buy. so we have decided to stay in this duplex. As you can see our home is similar to places we have lived before with a few differences. We are blessed for what we have.and our real prayer is that God maybe our dwelling place.

you have been our dwelling place 
throughout all generations. 
Psalms 90:1