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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Patient (or nurse)


As a patient

In another country

I have been the medevac nurse and delivered patients to my health care colleagues in Australia (AU) but this time I was the patient. I have nursing experience and experience as patient in a wonderful hospital in the Midwest USA. Therefore I would like to simply share about nursing in the US and in AU. To clarify some of this will be only understood by nurses.

I received very good care.

No floor nurse likes a blood pressure under 90 diastolic. Yes, nurses recheck, push fluids, place in Trendelenburg and call the doctors for low blood pressures. I have done this as a nurse in the US and experienced it as a patient in AU.

Beware of the different verbiage

·         Do you have to wee?                     (use the bathroom)
·         I am going to get your tablets          (medications)
·         Ready for the scratch                     (poke)
·         Can you be 5 minutes?                   ( be ready in )
·         Let me get your obs                       (vitals)
·         Sing out                                         ( yell or let me know)
·         Way out                                         (exit)
·         Rubbish                                         (trash)

I learned to drink hot tea. It was offered mid-morning, afternoon, evenings and
along with the meals. They also offered milo- a type of hot chocolate drink made
with barley.  I was served for breakfast a hard roll, cereal similar to raisin bran or hot oatmeal. The other meals consisted of a variety including chicken sausage, curry, and cooked pumpkin. Most of the meals I enjoyed, they were just different than what I was used to eating.

The male nurses wore shorts as their uniform. I was informed it was allowed because the hospital was on the coast and considered in the tropics. They always looked professional. The female nurses wore business type skirts.

As a patient, I was allowed to leave the hospital in a wheel chair and sight-see by the ocean.

When I was admitted I was placed in an isolation room until they ruled out TB or other contagious respiratory diseases. I found it funny that many of the nurses who cared for me were float nurses. 

As a patient, I listened to the noise in the halls, remembering the many times I walked confused patients around and around.

As a nurse, I enjoy giving good care.

As a patient, I am grateful for the good care I have received.

I am most of all thankful to God who brought healing in my life and in my patients’ lives.

still using oxygen

view from my window, the other side had the ocean view

Jay took very good care of me

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  1. So wish I could've been there through it to help you. Thank you for letting me have a glimpse. You are an amazing nurse. Amazing what God has let us experience in healing.