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Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 2016


For us
August is birthday month
I am married to an older man for 17 days
First year Jay and I are celebrating as “empty nester”
Our oldest turned 28
Our youngest turned 20
28 years of having children in the home

Jay and his gifts
Arizona Tea
Chocolate Milk
Pecan Pie
Pure Maple Syrup (in the bag)

Favorite meal
mashed potatoes

Did you notice the bottle of rubbing alcohol above?
for Jay's homemade heater

Happy Birthday to my oldest

My Party

  Friends from the clinic came over and brought food to snack on while we watched my favorite movie "Mad Money"

someone made me a cake
someone gave me flowers
someone gave me a candy bar
someone gave me blue nail polish
    someone made me ice cream 
Grateful for Friends
I was able to send a cake to Elijah    

 Happy Birthday Elijah
Thank you ZAG Homemade Creations

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